The Arkadenhof lies nestled in the middle of Burgenland’s beautiful nature. It is truly a paradise on earth, where you can enjoy the gentle rustling of the trees and the countless chirping birds. With a lot of love for detail and warm hospitality, you will be pampered in a stunning ambiance.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Helga & Eric Helga & Eric

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Those who have a garden, are already in paradise

Aba Assa

The special character lies in the detail

a satisfied guest

ART is the daughter of freedom

Friedrich von Schiller

There is no love sincerer than the love of food

George Bernard Shaw

We believe in sustainability

Sustainability is very important to us and therefore, at the Arkadenhof, our water is heated by solar energy or biomass, in the rare case that the sun isn’t shining in the south of Burgenland. Very soon we will also get our own Tesla electric vehicle charging station, because nature is close to our heart!

The chirping of birds is the only ‘disturbance’ in this retreat for discerning guests